How Google Business Profile Works?


Google – World’s biggest Search Engine with more than 91% of the total search engine market share. This alone makes it indispensable for any business with direct customer engagement to have a Google Business Profile. The GBP helps any business attract more users with Google Search and Google Maps.

A free listing by Google which enables you to share business details, photos, location, services, products, working hours and other necessary details with your customers.

In case you have E-Commerce store, the Google business profile would not work for your business. It is available only to businesses with physical location or service providers meeting clients in-person.

Google Business Profile enables your potential customers to find you easily on search and contact you or visit store. The profile in general helps boosts SEO for your business.  The GBP enables the users to find your business, know the direction, contact details, reviews, products & services, and pricing. The profile enables you to communicate your working hours and any important update about the business.

How does Google decide the local search engine positions of businesses:
  • Significance – How significant your listing is and how closely it matches the search query?
  • Reputation – How is your business perceived by the customers in general?
  • Distance – What is the distance between your business location and the searcher?

How do you score best?

  • Profile Completion – If your Google Business Profile is incomplete, it is very likely to divert potential customers to your competitors. Stats state, “The complete Google Business Profiles yield 70% more store / site visits than incomplete profiles”.           

“Businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches. What you do, where you are, and when they can visit”


PS: So, in case, you are operational on a national holiday, do update same on the GBP.

  • Location Verification – When you verify your business location, you enable and improve distance ranking factor. Verified locations show up in local search results with maps and directions. You can verify your location while creating account or via postcard request made to Google through your profile.
  • Let images and videos speak for you – Google Business Profile is incomplete without a logo and cover photo. Using brand identity and same photos across digital platforms, will help your customers to recognize your brand easily. You can also add photos and videos related to work environment, location, team, celebrations, products & services, etc.

How important are keywords for Google Business Profile?

Keywords play an important role for Google searches and for Google Business Profile also. To know what keywords would match with your business and enhance your profile performance, you can try Google Trends or any keyword planner platform like, Google Keyword planner, Hootsuite Insights, etc. Always remember to use keywords naturally in your posts, content, and descriptions.

Respond to Reviews and questions asked

Businesses who respond to positive and negative with equal importance are trusted by the customers for their genuineness. A good and positive review garners prospective customers to consider your brand and transact with your business. When your customers are satisfied, you can politely ask them for the review with a quick link provided by Google.

According to a survey by Google and Ipsos Connect, businesses that respond to reviews are considered 1.7 times more trustworthy than those that don’t.”

What is the need to update your business information?

Imagine a situation of a potential customer who is looking for you online and is unable to find details like opening hours, offers, events, launches, etc. Thus, it becomes crucial to keep your business information updated on Google Business Profile.

Keep your business information up to date with new products / services, offers, working hours, holidays, events, etc. So, what all information you can add to your Google Business Profile:

  • Business Information
    • Location
    • Logo
    • Business Name
    • About Business
    • Contact Details
    • Social Profiles
    • Products
    • Services
    • Working Hours
    • Working Days
  • Posts
    • About your products & services
    • Offers
    • Upcoming events
    • Celebrations
  • Attributes
    • Category based
PS: Take advantage of Google’s free marketing tools. Google offers businesses access to a free marketing kit with stickers, social posts, and printable posters. You can even create a custom video.
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